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Our Services Are #1
We can provide you with the best services for your vehicle. Take advantage of our specials for services for your car by calling us for details. Below we have provided you with an explanation on the various components for your vehicle:

1.-- The Battery is an energy storage system that has the capability of saving the power for every time you start your engine and depends on the alternator to recharge any time it gets discharged.
2.-- Alternator is the component that reproduces energy for all electronic needs and recharges the battery,
3.-- Starter is the electric motor that gets your engine going every time is demanded,
4.-- The lighting system help us illuminate our way and communicate other drivers of our driving decisions.

5.-- Engine is the most important part of you vehicle that has lots of electronic sensors, relays and switches to help it perform the most efficient and provide the most power for all your needs.
6.-- Transmission is the unit that relates engine power to you wheels it has the capabilities of going backards or forward at different speeds starting at low speed and gradualy get to high speed, normaly three speeds.
7.-- Clutch or Clutches are the parts that lets the vehicle gradualy start moving instead of a big impact every time you shift into gear.
8.-- Differencial is the unit that redirects motion to the wheels and permits the left wheels to turn at different speed than the right wheels.
9.-- Brakes are the system that gives you the control to stop at any time or speed. Every vehicle with a good engine needs good brakes.
10.-- Instruments or Gauges are the warning systems that tell us the condition of our vehicle performance. It is very important to know that we are getting to where we are going.
11.--- Air Conditioner is the unit that controls the temperature level inside of our vehicle.
12.-- Stereo Systems are an accessory that entertain and relaxes us. It and keeps us informed on all different topics and trafic conditions. They have evolved into high power, compact disc player, some designs have dvd players.
13.-- Power Windows are a nice comfort that allow us to move them at the touch of a button.
14.-- Power Door Locks are a nice accessory to help you secure your vehicle at the command of a button.
15.-- Power Mirrors give you the comfort of being able to adjust the position without having to get off the drivers seat, especialy for those multidriver vehicles.
16.-- Power Seats are a great accessory that allows the seat to be at different angles, high, low, forward and backwards.
17.-- Suspencion is the combination of springs and shock absorbers that work in combination to make your traveling more comfortable without those hard bumps and discomfort of the road Some of them are computerized air systems.
18.-- Fuel Injection,-- the emmissions control computerized system that allows us to get the most miles per gallon, engine power and keeps our enviroment as clean as possible. In the old days we used to have carburators for our fuel delivery but systems have been gradualy improving.
  1. -- Cooling Systems is the team of radiator, water pump, hoses, belt that keep our engine at the best temperature level for performance. With this late design computers, that help our vehicles run leaner, we get engines that run hotter and is necessary to have a good cooling system.